Sternanis Illicium Verum - MutterKindWohl

The healing power of the seeds of the evergreen magnolia tree was already known in early times in Asia. The fragrant fruits are not only used as spices in dishes and tea.

Star anise also has a wide range of traditional uses in natural medicine. Star anise primarily promotes digestion and is used for various gastrointestinal problems such as colic.

Thanks to the shikimic acid, athenol, tannic acid, rutin and saponins contained in star anise, it has an antiviral and antibacterial, wound-healing, expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect. It has an antioxidant effect and promotes pain relief and relaxation.

The fine, mildly sweet smell of star anise is also beneficial for our psyche, conveying a feeling of well-being, comfort and security.

In our particularly beneficial natural cosmetic care products we use the 100% natural essential oil of the star anise fruit.