Sheabutter Butyrospermum parkii butter - MutterKindWohl

The rich, velvety Shea butter is extracted from the nut of the African Karité tree or shea tree, which can reach up to 300 years due to its profound root structure. Only after about 20 years of growth, the fruits can be harvested from the trees for the first time.

During harvest season between April and July, the sweet and edible fruits are pitted and the Shea stones are roasted. Subsequently, the fruit seeds are pounded with water. This mixture is then heated until the pure Shea Oil separates on top and can thus be skimmed.

The final cooling process allows for the oil to transform into the unrefined, golden-yellowish Shea Butter. Containing essential vitamins and minerals, the nourishing Shea Butter supports moisture retention in the skin cells. Because of its high amount of unsaponifiable ingredients, Seha Butter is perfectly suited for all skin types. Ingredients such as allantoin and omega-3 fatty acids have inflammatory effects and support wound healing in general. Vitamin E and beta carotene have further antioxidative properties and protect us from potentially harmful environmental influences. Equally nourishing and anti-inflammatory are the lipid substances triterpenes contained in the rich Shea Butter. “Friendly” fatty acids such as stearic acid, linolenic acid, and palmitic acid further help to maintain the skin’s natural barrier and release active but skin-friendly components into the skin.

Shea Butter is the base ingredient for our soothing belly cream and leaves the skin feeling silky-smooth.