Meersalz Maris Sal - MutterKindWohl

The wonderful, natural salt is extracted in salt gardens, the so-called “salt pans”. For the salt harvest, the sea water is channeled through several basins.

In an evaporation process it is dried in the sun and turned several times. The water crystallizes into the finest solid sea salt. Salt has long been considered a true treasure.

Not only was it traditionally used in natural medicine in many countries around the world, but it was also used as a means of payment for a long time. Dead Sea salt, which is said to have a particularly strong healing effect due to its high salt content, is used in our soothing belly cream. The fine salt consists mainly of minerals that nourish the skin wonderfully and naturally.

Magnesium relieves skin irritations, calcium strengthens the cell membrane, potassium is a natural skin tightener, sodium serves the cell transport system, chloride is a natural antiseptic, and the bromide it also contains is a natural antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals.

The sea salt, which is used as the base of our soothing belly cream, has a revitalizing and harmonizing effect on the skin and thus particularly increases well-being.