Mandelöl prunus amygdalus dulcis oil - MutterKindWohl

Even before the end of winter, the almond tree stretches its fine flowers into the light - a symbol of pure vitality.

These develop into the wonderfully nourishing, tender, moisturizing fruits, which are incorporated into the base of our soothing belly cream in the form of fine cold-pressed sweet almond oil.

The mild, sweet aroma of almond gives us security and, thanks to its hydrolipidic properties, supports sensitive skin excellently by strengthening the acid mantle. In addition to the valuable fatty acids, such as monounsaturated fatty acid Omega 9 and biunsaturated fatty acid Omega 6, almond oil also contains many important vitamins.

Vitamin A plays a role primarily in cell regeneration and protects us from damage to skin cells. Vitamin B is an important accompanying vitamin and is very good for the skin for balanced blood metabolism. In 100ml of almond oil we find around 32mg of vitamin E. Since it is mainly found in the cell walls, it stores moisture, has an antioxidant effect and protects the cell from free radicals.

The minerals it contains influence our metabolism and are involved in the moisture regulation of the cell. Potassium, magnesium and calcium stabilize the cell walls and bring pure energy into our body. In this unique combination, almond oil supports cell protection and cell renewal.

The almond oil is very well tolerated by the skin, has a calming effect on the skin, regenerates cells and supports the skin barrier function.