Kamille Chamomila recutita - MutterKindWohl

This wonderful herb is one of the oldest and most popular herbs found growing wild or in gardens. In ancient Egypt it was worshiped as the “flower of the sun god Ra”.

The Greeks then probably thought it smelled like apples that had fallen from a tree and therefore called it khamaimelon , which means "earth apple" ( kamas "on the earth" and melon "apple"). Even back then, the Greek physician Dioscurides recommended chamomile as a medicine for fever and abdominal pain. In the Middle Ages, “chamomile” was highly valued and used as an incense mixture to keep unpleasant odors and infections away.

The entire herb was hung over the cribs of babies and children to protect and promote health. Traditionally it was used in love drinks and washed face and hair with it. Even in our time, the herb remains, as it has always been, a treasure in the natural pharmacy and is successfully drunk as a tea by women with painful menstrual cramps.

Chamomile is particularly recommended for colic, abdominal pain and flatulence to calm the symptoms. All of this also explains the long tradition of chamomile as a wound and medicinal plant.

We use chamomile flower extract in our soothing belly cream. It contains up to 1.5% natural blue chamomile essential oil, which protects the plant from bacteria and rust fungi and gives it its characteristic scent. This oil has anti-inflammatory, calming and wound-healing effects. It has a positive effect on relaxing the digestion and nervous system.