Jojobaöl Simmondsia chinesis seed oil - MutterKindWohl

The jojoba bush is a robust plant that thrives especially in warm, dry areas. Thanks to its pole-like roots, which extend deep into the earth, the shrub can sometimes grow very old. A type of plant wax is obtained by pressing the strong seeds of the fruit of the evergreen jojoba bush, which are approximately six months old.

Since this melts at low temperatures, the fine golden yellow and subtly scented oil used in our soothing belly cream is formed. First and foremost, jojoba oil is non-greasy and is reminiscent of human skin sebum. This special feature allows the oil and its rich ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin pores without clogging them.

This moisturizing property stores moisture and helps with dry, sensitive skin. In the oil we find a nourishing and wonderfully nourishing cocktail of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A is important for tissue and cell development and supports important metabolic processes. Through its antioxidant defense function, vitamin E maintains our skin's protective layer, supports collagen formation and gives us a fine complexion.

We also find vitamin B in jojoba oil as an important accompanying vitamin. The natural composition of the oil is approximately 70% gadoleic acid, 10% oleic acid, 2% nervonic acid, which all belong to the monounsaturated fatty acid of the Omega 9 fatty acid group, and approximately 15% erucic acid as a monounsaturated fatty acid found in the seeds and approximately 1% palmitic acid as an organic component of vegetable oils.

Jojoba oil is particularly skin-friendly, moisturizing, cell-regenerating and richly nourishing.