Natural well-being


Cross-generational knowledge of naturopathy,
Aromatherapy & mineral salt therapy for your health

Inspiration & Drive

Powered by Nature

Humans are in a state of harmony with nature and the environment. In nature, we can regain energy and strength with all our senses. Natural well-being is vital for our health. Embracing the traditional knowledge of organic power from plants, essential oils, minerals, and vitamins is the key component in formulating our genuine and effective natural cosmetics.

It is our aim to enhance our customers overall well-being through the holistic knowledge of naturopathy, aroma and mineral salt therapy, inherent in all our products.

Our philosophy

Organic & Sustainable

Our MotherChildCare-Team constantly engages in creative process of development. We love what we do! And thus, we only create sustainable and high-quality natural cosmetics. Within this scope, we carefully select only the best natural raw materials to create highly effective natural cosmetic products for you and your loved ones. We pay special attention to avoiding critical ingredients, we only use raw materials from sustainable sources, and we work with ecological packaging.

Working closely with social institutions, supporting local partners and suppliers, and sourcing energy from environmentally responsible productions are fundamental elements of our philosophy and vision.


Sustainable Development & Production

The ISO-certified production site of our soothing products is surrounded by the captivating nature of the Alpstein-massif located at the heart of Switzerland, in beautiful Appenzell. Surrounded by the alps, we resort to the power of nature with our traditional recipes to develop our high-quality products. At least one year passes from the careful selection of ingredients to the completion of the final product. A time span during which our products undergo intensive quality inspection and testing under the strictest guidelines. In the subsequent production process, our exquisite ingredients are handled with utmost care and respect. Our quality standards are further maintained by innovative technological production in line with natural cosmetic’s strict certification regulations. Combining tradition, experience and premium production technology renders our products truly precious. From source to packaging – 100% Made in Switzerland.


Nourishing Natural Cosmetics

Acknowledging our responsibility towards nature and the environment, we uncompromisingly decided to obtain the natural cosmetics certification for all our care products. Authenticity and transparency have been the cornerstones for our self-understanding as an organic and natural cosmetics company. Therefore, we have further opted to certify every single care product with the independent natural cosmetics seal “Natrue”.

Accordingly, we consistently refrain from using potentially harmful raw materials and ingredients. Our care products are free from: Silicones, parabens, animal oils and fats, raw materials with animal derivatives such as collagen, keratins, PEGs, artificial perfume, impurities, mineral oils, fats and waxes, mineral paraffin, artificial dyes, BPA, EDTA, plastic particles, aluminium, nano-technology, and hormonal pollutants.

Sylvia Giele
About Us

Our Founder

Inspired by life and all the emotions and stories that arise from it. For many years, I, Sylvia Giele, a mother of several children myself, have dedicated myself with great passion to the wide field of holistic female well-being, and more specifically the holistic well-being of mother and children. It is this experience and the great need for soothing, high-quality products made from natural ingredients that originally sparked the idea for “MotherChildCare”. Sustainable well-being, and a deep appreciation of women, mothers, and children’s diverse needs are at the heart of our actions.


Extensive Knowledge in Fourth Generation

I fondly remember how my grandmother and mother sparked my enthusiasm for the flora’s effectiveness while I grew up. Ever since these early childhood days, the preparation of traditional herbal tinctures and oil extracts from wild herbs or the making of ointments and tea herbs have been a fascinating part of my life. Grasping and using this ethno-botanical knowledge from nature, which has grown over four generations, is found accordingly in our carefully selected natural cosmetics.